Overdue post for the celebration of capitalism

Ah, the holidays, a time to celebrate Adam Smith and make every single Marxist in the world curse and swear at the ridiculous amount of consumption that humans love to do. The shopping somehow justifies the reason for a walk-in closet to be built in a house.

If I were to play by numbers, this Christmas, I have only given two presents and received one. I am eternally grateful for receiving that present and am relieved that I did not receive anything else. And yes, my best friend didn’t receive anything from me and neither did he give me any. I would unleash some Marxist lingo if he ever does.

While I terribly condemn the idea of buying anything, I absolutely believe in making presents for someone and actually going through an experience of some sort to celebrate capitalism festivities.

And that’s why I made sure my holidays were most meaningful. Going through a Youth Programme and actually working over the Christmas period. In fact, it has been the most memorable Chrimbo ever. It reinforced certain beliefs I have, made me question my networks, and mature gallantly to accept the existence of ideas that I would normally reject.

Long story short, I am just more sensitive, ladies.

In a sense I’ve found out people whom I really like, people who I can instantly connect with. Never would I have expected that I would meet 20 strangers and actually develop meaningful friendships over 10 days. And I daresay that these friendships are stronger than some of those that have been with me for longer periods of time. #nooffence

Importantly to me but so overlooked by others, was the fact that everyone had a chance to speak and interruptions were largely condemned. Mind you, I get most pissed with myself and others when interruption and dominance casts its shadow in conversations. It was the most diplomatic and utopian-ly democratic group I have ever met.

Now that I know  my dream isn’t absurd and that there are people out there who actually condemns dominance in group exchanges, I will uphold this utopian thought and be even more joyous for my friendships that I truly wanna develop and grow like a tree.

Father Christmas just gave the best socialist present =)

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